Always a Saint – AllSaints

If you’re anything like me, then the majority of you wardrobe will involve darker colours.  I always rely on wearing all black for a simple yet effective outfit.  For years I have shopped in AllSaints, I absolutely love their leathers and I think that it what they’re best known for but the range of clothes they do to suit nearly every occasion makes it so worthwhile to invest in pieces from the brand. I recently posted a photo on Instagram (dcp1006) of myself trying on the Balfern Leather Biker Jacket that I absolutely love but after checking out some of the other pieces of outerwear that AllSaints have to offer I think I’ll be adding quite a lot to my wishlist!  Check out the images below of some of my favourite outfits, all available from AllSaints.


Jacket – / Shirt – / Boots – / Bag –


Jacket – / Trousers – / Boots – / Clutch –


Jacket – / Top – / Boots – / Skirt –


WW-NYFW-2500-LOOKBOOK-19Dress – / Coat – / Boots – /

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FYT&Co – Christmas Treats

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you will remember I posted an outfit blog over summer wearing a pink beanie from FYT&Co that I received after attending their bloggers breakfast.  I had so many comments on the hat that I thought it would be a good idea to do another post featuring another one of their products.  FYT&Co are known for the fact that their products are made in Great Britain and come in eye catching prints and the hottest colours of the season.  One of their most popular products is their range of backpacks.  Over the last year or two, the backpack has made a massive comeback with both the high street and designers creating them and celebrities and the fashion influencers of the world blogging about them and wearing them as part of an outfit.  I love backpacks because they are so practical and allow you to carry as much as possible with ease!

IMG_0927 IMG_0932


The geometric and grey pouches above are detachable from the front of the backpack and I have used them as clutch bags to dress up an outfit – they also make great ipad cases! So many uses for such a great accessory!! All items are available from FYT&Co.


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The Book of Everyone – The Perfect Christmas Gift

Each year it gets harder to think of a Christmas gift that is thoughtful and creative but still reasonably priced. We all have the usual things on our wishlist for Christmas like slippers or a nice scented candle but it’s those little surprise gifts that make each year so memorable. I recently discovered the website and instantly fell in love with the ideas the have to offer. The Book of Everyone is a personalised book (paperback, hardback or deluxe edition) that is completely personalised to a friend or family member of your choice by simply putting their name and basic details (gender, birthday) into the website. From here, a book full of fun and interesting facts is created with each page connecting to the receiver of the gift! Such a cool idea! You can also edit pages to add in personal photos of the two of you and change the layout of some of the pages and the cover colour and text. You can also preview the whole book before placing your order to ensure everything is exactly how you want it.

I had so much fun creating a book for a close friend of mine and can’t wait until they open it and get to read a few pages based entirely on facts revolving around their life and the year the were born. What’s more – this Christmas, The Book of Everyone have teamed up with the charity Age UK and with every book you buy it goes towards the gifting of a book for an elderly person who may not receive a gift. So you get to buy someone special a great gift and give an elderly person a gift for free to ensure they feel loved and cared for this Christmas. Most of us are fortunate to share this time of year with those we’re closest to, but for many people it’s such a lonely time of year, the thought alone that I have helped put a smile on someone’s face this year is so heartwarming, and it hasn’t cost me loads of money to do so. It’s the simple things in life that are the most satisfying so this is one of my biggest gift recommendations this Christmas.

Check out some photos of the book I am wrapping up for a friend of mine this year and check out the website and how to order yours by clicking here.

image[3] image[4] image[5] image[2] image[1] image

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F&F Answering your Style Dilemma…. #PartySOS

Recently I posted about teaming up with F&F Clothing for the chance for you to be styled by myself and have your style dilemma solved. The tweet I chose to focus on for this is from twitter user @wordsfromsarah. Her style dilemma was ‘I want to sparkle at the Christmas party but I don’t want to freeze, can you help me please? #PartySOS

I was so excited to get involved and look for an outfit that I think will be able to answer this so after selecting my favourites from the F&F website I styled together a few different looks to share with you.  Check out the outfits below, all pieces available from F&F Clothing.

I love every outfit from F&F  but I have to say that the Tuxedo jacket is definitely something that I can see myself wearing so many time as it looks smart but still understated.  I’ve worn it over all black outfits in this blog post to make the outfit more interesting and with the Embellished clutch it adds that extra sparkle that you would want at a Christmas party!  Another two of my favourites from F&F are the Pink Faux Fur coat and the Lace Overlay Skirt that I have worn together below, the detail on the skirt makes a ‘plain black skirt’ much more interesting and although the skirt is relatively short, you certainly wont be chilly wearing the coat as it is so unbelievably snuggly and warm!

P1100983 P1100977 P1100969 P1100961


P1110008 P1110004 P1100989


P1110015 P1110021

P1110028 P1110040P1110056 P1110046 P1110054P1110074 P1110071 P1110066All items available from F&F at Tesco by clicking here.

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#LipSquared – Balmi

This time of year is great for so many things, except for how it makes my skin and lips feel.  The cold weather in Winter can make our lips so cracked and dry that a handbag essential is lip balm.  Balmi is the latest fashionable accessory and comes in a variety of colours and flavours.

Balmi Bauble Raspberry £5.00

Balmi is so unique because it comes in the shape of a cube, not just to look cool (which is does) but also for the easiest application to the whole surface area of the lips. It’s the perfect ‘on the go’ essential. As well as being a lip balm, it has other uses such as being a cuticle balm/conditioner, brow tamer, eyeshadow primer and all over moisturiser! Everything in one!

Balmi Raspberry Lip Balm 2 £4.99 Balmi Mint Lip Balm 2 £4.99

As well as it looking super cool, it also has benefits such as SPF 15 and UVA protection to ensure lips are kept protected. Not only that though, it ALSO comes packed with Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E that nourishes skin and leaves lips feeling so soft.

To emphasise how highly thought of Balmi is, it’s available from fashion Kingdom TOPSHOP! If it’s good enough for Topshop, it’s definitely good enough for me!

Balmi Strawberry Lip Balm 1 £4.99

I’ve left the coolest element of the Balmi range until last… it comes on a keyring loop so you can attach it to your keys and never lose your lipbalm in your handbag again! A-MA-ZING!

I’ve got 3 Coconut Balmi Baubles to give away as a little Christmas treat by tweeting @GoBalmi and @IdleLaneLoves using #idlelanelovesBalmi.  Winners will be selected at random and have their Balmi baubles sent to them! So simple – GOOD LUCK!

Balmi Bauble Coconut £5.00

Check out the Balmi website here and check out the Balmi Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Fashiola Fun

This may not mean much to you right now but, Fashiola has FINALLY come to the UK – a website for everyone who loves clothes and fashion. It couldn’t come at a more perfect time as it’s the best place to shop for Christmas goodies!

Fashiola - The Fashion Finder

Fashiola is the new and easy online way to find all products of top fashion brands for women, men and children, high street and designer, in the UK. It’s really the ONLY website where you can browse the UK’s best fashion products from ALL brands quickly. Some of the amazing brands include ASOS, Topshop, H&M, Michael Kors, Hugo Boss and Stella McCartney.


Fashiola already offer over 3 million products from 500 shops to help fashion lovers with all budgets find the items they want with ease. They are different because they have a unique search technology for finding fashion, which ensures that specific clothing can be found easily and quickly. They do this by offering all kinds of convenient search filters like sizes, brands, materials, discount levels, pricing levels, categories, themes, etc. You can also set product ‘sale alerts’ and be notified on price reductions instantly – I LOVE IT!  Another reason why I adore this website is that shoppers can also save products in their account and receive alerts when the size and style is back in stock!

8464584(Models not available on the website – sorry!)

Fashiola also have guest fashion bloggers every week which shoppers can read every day and be inspired – it’s so great to see them bringing together the fashion blogger community this way! Visitors are also encouraged to be creative – you can put together your own style book and share it with friends, contacts and fellow shoppers.

 It’s such a great website – it really does save a lot of time when it comes to online shopping so check it out! Also check out my top 3 fashiola picks from below!

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Motel Rocks – Blogger Shoot Part 2

I posted Part 1 to my Motel Rocks Blogger Shoot recently and below are the rest of the images.  I can’t wait to wear some of these pieces over Christmas during party season.  All are available at Motel Rocks, details at the bottom.

Wax-qTiAZNbWKdp2eerxjfWpfiGf2AqhKTUjuQZ0mxA,lL7kt_CoafWEOgFeNWGZf3BaFKC0QaV0eKGbRscokxE 4Web_uX7BUry9XKuM8EZKqVhFQzJNN_QfGEaaPSK18g B-9-hnY4adCCRX6mOlcjKp_L8JwaAPdeOCSCaOCVDZM pmRtru9Io0Gsx7MamU25qWor95KeZYWdBS9DEmEk1sERed Miranda Dress – Motel Rocks / Shoes – Christian Louboutin

505-H3NTFqdsEPltSIc-DVT2zFMnbXqJVLK3U1rE0dQ,HpLRMMiGr7-sJzv9yGWXkOFwazEmFNFOL01KmH_kMEU FDd5uGxaOIYNVzXQ52KT7v-Osh2iH4RDWG6ltVo27oA,McanwCapMquUwKe85MqSbdsPVGHDVL8Z4ETbxKmH090 BX_0mzD0O9qTka9E1QSC06B3QAkyZcPDDk8ZGGCbz0o,y5eqgtbBTBY3XUqiKmd5K5H2qCz32ePCPRXn5CwGERM xhD262sz0Mw4nEsMp7sWU9vEtxvnBW23mTkgRR3L07A


Wrap Dress in Static Rose – Motel Rocks / Boots – I Love Stone Fox

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Talika Heated Eyelash Curler

Why is it that boys eyelashes are always so much longer and curlier than girls?  It’s so frustrating and leaves us girls looking for every possible way to make our lashes look luscious! have the perfect gadget to help your eyes looking as gorgeous as possible in the form of the Talika Heated Eye Lash Curler.  This small but highly effective gadget gently heats your lashes making them easier to curl and can DOUBLE the curl of them in under one minute!  They are so easy to use and can be used quickly without catching any of your eyelashes which I have experienced with some other eyelash curlers in the past.


They are perfect if I don’t want to wear much make up as once I’ve curled my lashes I can put a bit of mascara on to thicken my lashes and I’m good to go!  Plus they come with 2 AAA batteries so you can start using them as soon as you get them! Check out a short demo video of the eye lash curlers by clicking here. are giving you guys an exclusive 10% off the Talika Heated Eyelash Curlers by entering DPLOVES at the checkout! So whether you want to buy them for yourself, a friend or even add to your Christmas list for someone to buy as a gift for you the price is so reasonable and  my new MUST HAVE beauty gadget!

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Motel Rocks – Blogger Shoot Part 1

Since starting my blog I’ve had the opportunity to meet people from loads of lovely brands.  I recently met the lovely girls from Motel when we teamed up to do a Blogger shoot together.  I had some gorgeous Motel Rocks bits to wear for the shoot and despite the rainy weather we managed to get some great shots! Check out the photos below of me wearing some of my favourite pieces from Motel Rocks and keep your eye out for Part 2 of this post featuring some more great pieces. Details at the bottom.

BYBfFDEdeUYUjmCaNaI0ftnAsOQI5Y7bbiGW6uIX-sI WOvVdWvsx4Y-OcSwS1L3rIUzFKkPLPR8jJV3gW_rdPY xbb2uV5wlGs6Iug_mbLttaaEspj8kvZMolZIANLHYHc,QwUHzrAPspQdi70AF03T562nSUqey4E3Ldz4Ov2OsU8 Gk_bqgqD1i2r0MZmeFqm_MLI1wkBfcJy8rhc4loJefk,DvR01lNX7G9zdwEnkTzQ5IVtrYiqfwi6MpE7e9lMycs wKrep-MASvQH-RMktGgMuTXw4od4ToVKwkKP9-Luw18


Ice Cream Sequin Dress – Motel Rocks / Boots – AX Paris / Necklace – New Look

m_sa2gww1-z-d0p0LC-WYNCaneAlSFTkz7MdbBvSv_w 5n5rm6kkHaiftEnToJeZwRaSJO8YdZ6eOt2gCaBKZd0iAgB4sjHMFnbKNlc7n-mjIKiSlXV6UmpMyj2illxGQU


Gaia Lace Dress – Motel Rocks / Boots – AX Paris / Umbrella – Lulu Guiness

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Philips Lumea Precision Plus – My Review

Summer may be well and truly over but just because winter is here it’s still important to look and feel good.  Girls and their beauty regimes are fascinating, each girl has her own tricks and treatments that she undergoes, all aiming to help make her feel as comfortable and confident as possible.  During the summer I think that appointments to beauty salons peak due to girls keeping their tans topped up (hopefully with spray tans and not sunbeds!), their eyebrows and lashes perfectly preened and their hair removal in check.  Although these treatments are deemed ‘vital’ to most women, they can also add up to being very expensive.  However, you can’t put a price on feeling good, can you?  Well, according to the Philips Lumea Precision Plus, yes you can.  That price is £450. I will admit that seems like a lot of money – however, after learning that women spend approximately £8000 in their lifetime on hair removal, £450 is an extremely reasonable price to pay on one appliance that will last you forever and guarantee salon results if not better – all within 2 months of regular use.

I have always wanted to try IPL hair removal but like most females have been a little apprehensive and a bit pessimistic when it comes to what the companies ‘promise’.  So when I got the chance to try out the Philips Lumea Precision Plus myself, I was so keen to put it to the test and I thought I would prove myself right and run back to my beauty salon for my regular treatments.  After a number of sessions using the Lumea Precision Plus I found it more that successful.  I feel as though I spent longer reading the instructions to make sure I used it correctly, than actually using the appliance itself! Once you get the hang of it (which is pretty soon once you get over the initial fear and realise it’s impossible to ‘zap’ off your whole leg or give yourself laser burn) the process is pain free and so effective!


So how does it work? Basically, it uses high-intensity focused light to encourage hair to stop growing. Ideal.  It can also be used on most skin tones, unlike many other products on the market.  Even more ideal.  After holding the appliance over your skin, it delivers the laser flash without you having to do anything and even determines whether it’s in the right place to function and will let you know by the ‘ready’ flash that it can operate efficiently.  The light delivered by the IPL has such an affect on the hair, that it sheds naturally and regrowth is minimised.  It doesn’t claim to be permanent but does dramatically reduce the regrowth therefore keeping skin smooth, something every women wants.

I would definitely recommend adding this to your Christmas Wishlist, I am going to continue using mine regularly and it is particularly good to use during winter as it is advised that skin is not exposed to direct sunlight.  So if you would like to reduce any unwanted hair on your face or body by up to 80% (who wouldn’t want this!) then check out the Philips Lumea Precision Plus by clicking here.

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